As local, state, and federal government officials grapple with ways to treat and contain the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, some of the best policy responses are coming not from imposing new regulations, but from loosening old ones. CEI experts and allies weigh in.


Policy Responses to Coronavirus

Join CEI for an online discussion about how deregulation offers a swift, effective response to both the current crisis and long-term economic recovery. Featured remarks will be delivered by Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia, who has been called a "visionary" for his work challenging unlawful regulations.

Repeal for Resilience featuring Secretary Scalia: Online Event

Wednesday, May 26, 2020 

"It is no surprise that the only bipartisan action Congress is able to take is spending trillions of taxpayer dollars, even though several deregulatory measures would help our recovery immediately" -Wayne Crews

CEI Report - May 14, 2020

"The CDC devolved into an agency incapable of adequately addressing the serious threat posed by infectious disease, particularly novel diseases for which there is little information about risk, spread, and treatment." -Michelle Minton

CEI Report, May 13, 2020 

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"An economy as healthy as possible, one unencumbered by needless regulation, is one that will be more resilient in the face of the next crisis; and with luck, one more resistant to the flash policy of spendulus." - Wayne Crews

Forbes - May 10, 2020

"Over the past month, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and others have pointed to #NeverNeeded regulations that have served no purpose for years and are now hindering our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to the economic dislocation that enforced social distancing has caused." -John Berlau

Open Markets - April 29, 2020

"Policy makers have already waived more than 350 regulations and counting that were slowing the pandemic response and harming economic recovery." -Ryan Young

Open Market - April 23, 2020

"Governments of the world have a duty to ensure that #NeverNeeded red tape doesn’t keep cryptocurrency and blockchain creators from making these valuable contributions to our public health and prosperity." -John Berlau

Open Market - April 21, 2020

"Not every regulation on the books is directly harming the COVID-19 response. There are a lot of other regulations that need reform, but the #NeverNeeded set deserves urgent action." -Ryan Young

Open Market, April 13, 2020

"Because the burden of compliance falls most heavily on small companies without a department of staff attorneys, reducing the burden of federal, state and local regulations will aid small business owners and workers the most." -Richard Morrison

Inside Sources - April 10, 2020

"During a pandemic, regulations should not get between sick people and health care, or between hungry people and food. This also applies in normal times." -Ryan Young, Iain Murray

Real Clear Markets - April 7, 2020

CEI experts offer policy proposals for removing regulatory barriers that prevent an effective response to the coronavirus pandemic.

CEI Policy Paper - April 7, 2020

"In phase Four (and Five, Six and beyond if need be) the process of getting rid of #NeverNeeded rules should be amplified to regulations across the board." 

-Wayne Crews

Forbes - April 7, 2020

“If Congress can spend to stimulate, Washington can also deregulate to stimulate,” read the blueprint drawn up by regulatory expert Clyde Wayne Crews, the vice president for policy and a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Washington Examiner - May 14, 2020

Direct government aid won’t be enough to get the country past this health and economic catastrophe, argued Iain Murray, vice president for strategy and senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “We must get rid of unneeded regulations that impede recovery,” he said in releasing a report on regulations that could be cut or modified.

Bloomberg Law - April 13, 2020

“Many regulations have proven to hinder or delay appropriate policy responses. Other regulations are or were making things worse than they otherwise would be. In many cases, it is now clear that these regulations were never needed, or that whatever justification they once had has been superseded,” said a new report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute shared with Secrets.

Washington Examiner - April 7, 2020

Share Ideas for Getting Rid of #NeverNeeded Regulations Hindering Coronavirus Response

The U.S. government's $2 trillion relief package is an example of short-term “flash policy” at its worst. The coronavirus pandemic needs a long-term policy response.​ Tweet your ideas and share with CEI staff.


A Twitter hashtag, #NeverNeeded, is collecting a growing list of ideas for rules and regulations to get rid of as well as those that have already been axed.  Join the discussion.

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